The longstanding industry problem is that conventional cells (cylindrical, pouch and prismatic) do not scale up well for high-power high-capacity requirements. As the requirements for battery system power and capacity increase, significant power delivery and thermal management issues emerge, resulting in reduced performance and increased cost.

Thermal Performance of Conventional Cells vs. Rolled-Ribbon

Cylindrical Cell

Pouch Cell

Prismatic Cell

Rolled-Ribbon Cell

The Rolled-Ribbon Battery Company developed the unique Rolled-Ribbon cells and batteries to overcome these issues. The company has conducted hundreds of benchmark tests, comparing Rolled-Ribbon cells to conventional cells with diverse, but identical, Li-ion electrochemical formulations. In each and every instance, Rolled-Ribbon cells outperformed conventional cells by wide margins.

Rolled-Ribbon cells and batteries provide:

  • Maximum Power – Charge and Discharge
  • Minimum Heat Generation
  • Maximum Energy Conversion Efficiency
  • Unparalleled Thermal Properties
  • Maximum Cell Life
  • Simple Battery Designs

Cell Construction


136mm Cells


165mm Cells


136mm Batteries


165mm Batteries


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Rolled-Ribbon® batteries can be made in custom configurations with custom cells. Rolled-Ribbon® cells can be made in custom sizes with custom LFP, LMO, NMC, NCA, LCO and LTO electrochemical formulations.


The Rolled-Ribbon Battery Company is a privately-held company that was formed to meet the growing need for high-performance high-power high-capacity Li-ion batteries. The company manufactures and sells cells and batteries based on its patented Rolled-Ribbon® battery technology. The company also licenses others to manufacture and sell Rolled-Ribbon cells and batteries.

In 2017, the company established its worldwide headquarters in Austin, Texas, USA and is staffed with seasoned battery industry professionals. Currently, the company is developing automated manufacturing equipment for a pilot production line. Once the pilot line is operational, the company will begin producing cells and batteries for evaluation and prototyping by prospective customers. The company will expand its manufacturing capacity to meet the production requirements of its customers.

Joel E. Sandahl

President and CEO

Thomas Kaun

Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Thomas F. Mezger

Vice President of Operations and Finance

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