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Cells are the foundational elements for all battery systems. At the end of the day, no battery system can be any better than its underlying cells. Better cells – better batteries. Rolled-Ribbon cells provide superior performance and value for high-power high-capacity battery systems. Listed below are our standard cells.

Type Cell Model Number Voltage Capacity Discharge Charge
LFP 136-15-LFPE04A 3.2V 15Ah 5C 2C
LFP 165-15-LFPE04A 3.2V 22Ah 5C 2C
LFP 165-28-LFPE04A 3.2V 45Ah 5C 2C

Notes: (1) Voltage is nominal. (2) Capacity is based on standard charge-discharge rates. (3) Discharge and Charge are the maximum continuous rates.

Don’t see what you need? Custom Rolled-Ribbon cells can be made in a wide variety of diameters and heights with diverse electrochemistries and electrochemical formulations. Contact the company for custom Rolled-Ribbon cells to meet your specific application requirements.

Battery Modules

Battery modules package cells into modular elements for battery systems. Rolled-Ribbon battery modules extend the virtuous electrical and thermal properties of Rolled-Ribbon cells to battery modules. Listed below are only a few of our standard battery module configurations.

Configuration Cell Model Number #Cells Voltage Capacity
1C15S1P 136-15-LFPE04A 15 48.0V 15Ah
1C08S1P 165-15-LFPE04A 8 25.6V 22Ah
1C12S1P 165-15-LFPE04A 12 38.4V 22Ah
1C15S1P 165-15-LFPE04A 15 48.0V 22Ah
1C08S1P 165-28-LFPE04A 8 25.6V 45Ah
1C12S1P 165-28-LFPE04A 12 38.4V 45Ah
1C15S1P 165-28-LFPE04A 15 48.0V 45Ah

Notes: (1) Voltages assume the indicated Configuration with LFPE04A cells. (2) Capacities are based on the indicated Cell Model Number.

Don’t see what you need? Custom Rolled-Ribbon battery modules can be made in a wide variety of configurations for diverse cell sizes and numbers of cells. Contact the company for custom Rolled-Ribbon battery modules to meet your specific application requirements.

Battery Management

Battery management system components help to bind battery modules together into complete battery systems and manage the resulting systems. We offer an extensive collection of battery management system components including:

  • System Controllers
  • Battery Controllers
  • Battery Interfaces
  • Battery Monitors
  • Current Sensors
  • Contactor Controllers
  • Pre-Charge Circuits
  • Isolation Resistance Monitors
  • Communication Adapters

Evaluation Kits

As is apparent from the product descriptions above, Rolled-Ribbon produces scalable battery systems with unparalleled performance that are “tough as nails”. The unique Rolled-Ribbon cell design enables the construction of battery systems with stacked-cell battery modules that do not require welding of any kind. This means that cell failures no longer require the scrapping of entire battery modules. Failed cells can be removed and replaced. Cells can be harvested from battery modules and repurposed. The cell design provides a large cell terminal surface area for high rate capability and high thermal conductivity, resulting in cooler operation with minimal temperature gradients and thermal management. BETTER CELLS ... BETTER BATTERIES!

To help you discover how Rolled-Ribbon technology can enhance your products, we offer four evaluation kits. Each kit includes:

  • Battery Module
  • Battery Module Electronics
  • Battery System Electronics
  • Battery System Test/Diagnostic Electronics
  • Battery System Test/Diagnostic Software
  • Interconnecting Cables

Check out our evaluation kits!

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